Hi, my name is Matthew Dere.  I am a 2007 graduate of Victoria University and have been practicing at Westside health and sports clinic since 2008.  I have a great affinity for the western suburbs, even though I’m a Bombers supporter. I believe that patient care is paramount, so it very important to form strong patient-practitioner relationships. This extends into your consultation, where your treatment is designed specifically for your individual condition. I have a keen interest in acute amd chronic conditions, let it be from home, sport or work injuries.  We can pretty much treat anything that is ‘sore’.  Treatment will vary, but generally consists of soft tissue massage, a variety of muscle and joint stretches, joint mobilization and HVLA (where you hear the joint “pop”).  We hope to see you down at the clinic, but not too often.




At Westside Health and Sports clinic we have been providing Osteopathic treatment for more than 8 years. Our experienced team is passionate about achieving positive and effective outcomes for each individual.  
Osteopathy is a manual therapy, using hands on techniques to help recovery from injuries and restore and enhance musculoskeletal function. A variety of different techniques may be used by your osteopath such as soft tissue massage, manipulation, stretching, and joint mobilization. We also offer dry needling (acupuncture) in addition to other techniques. The application of these techniques will vary depending on the needs of the individual. The osteopath’s goal is to restore optimal movement and function to your body and this may include nutritional, postural, ergonomic and exercise advice. 
Osteopaths treat people of all ages from new born babies to the elderly. We can assist in the management of many complaints including:
Back pain (disc injuries) Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain
Sciatica (nerve pain) Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
Neck pain Arthritis and joint pain
Headache Sporting injuries
Jaw pain Pregnancy  pains
Tendonitis Repetitive strain injuries
Whiplash and  MVA injuries Tennis elbow
  Sinus pain
We look forward to helping you achieve a better level of health and function