Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare cover podiatry?

In some cases, yes! Medicare will cover patients with specific long-term (Chronic) conditions, such as diabetes, chronic arthritis or vascular disease etc. However, this requires your GP to have an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) first put into place before you make an appointment.

Please feel free to contact us for enquiries.

Do private health funds cover podiatry?

Yes, all major Australian health funds cover podiatry. It is important you check your level of cover with your fund. At Westside Health and Sports Clinic you will be able to claim with your health fund on the spot through HICAPS.

Is treatment painful?

No!! Many people particularly with large corns and callous or even an ingrown toenail, are often surprised they feel little or no pain. Our podiatrists are registered with the Australian Podiatry Board and have the necessary qualifications should you require a local anaesthetic.

Do Corns have roots?

No! Whilst many may tell you they do, there is absolutely no truth to this. Corns and callous generally occur due to friction and do not grow from roots.

What is an Orthotic?

Orthoses are devices put inside your footwear to help compensate for incorrect foot movements. They support your foot and help it function in a more efficient way when walking.  In the past orthoses have been referred to as arch supports, insoles or inserts. Although these all may share some of the characteristics with orthoses, modern orthoses are highly developed devices that are made according to specific specifications in a laboratory. .

What is Podiatry

Podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and management of foot and lower leg disorders with a particular focus on injuries associated with foot and lower limb function.

What does a Podiatrist Treat

  • General foot care
  • Pain-free removal of corns and callous 
  • Pain-free management of dry, cracked heels 
  • Removal of plantar warts/verrucae 
  • Removal of ingrown toe nails by conservative or surgical procedures
  • Heel pain and plantar fascitis 
  • Full management/care of the diabetic foot 
  • Gait assessment for all ages 
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries 
  • Orthotic therapy 
  • Footwear advice/education
  • Assessment/screening of children for foot/gait problems
  • Assessment/screening of foot problems in the eldery